Lenten Luncheons - 2019
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EASTER, 2019

11:50am to 1:00pm, every Wednesday during Lent.
Fellowship Hall, Asbury UMC, 220 W Horatio Ave, Maitland.

Theme - Let's look at Easter differently this year.

A donkey ride, A bad day to go swimming, A blind guy, Some things are afoot, Temple cleansing from a woman's viewpoint, Betrayal, Dinner conversation between two guys, Garden gleanings, A guy says, "Not me!" again, Another guy says, "You missed my pinkie!", One Says, "Why not me?", A big guy says, "I don't want any of that on me!",  Another big  guy says, "Me, that's my job!", A selfless gift, She asked, "Where'd he go?", Then answered her own question, One said, "Stop!", She remembers, They burst out laughing, He is doubtless, and We go back to basics.

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Schedule 2019 Leaders Lent History of Luncheons

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