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Future of Site

What will happen when....? (Written April, 2020)

Fate of the Lawrenceburg, Class of '52 web site? 

It is a tough question I am asking my husband today.  As a treasure trove of information that is only interesting to a few of us survivors (As I write this update, only 22* are still alive), it will lose relevance shortly as we all pass on.

2 possible events: Probable results:
Some Classmates will survive me. My husband, Bill, or son, Donald, will shut down web site - Loss of all data - Loss of source for news.
I become last Classmate standing. Easy solution - When I die, Bill or Don will shut down web site - Loss of all data.

Realistic:  Very few of your children or grandchildren will refer to an our "old fogy's" web site - they have FaceBook, twitter and who knows what.  Loss of web site data is no big loss to humanity.

Conclusion:  Eventually web site will disappear and all history will be lost.

Plan of Action:  I have asked Bill or Donald, to keep all the pages in OneDrive (Cloud storage) for 6 months after my death.  The link, Lawrenceburg, will allow anyone to access and download the complete site in html.  These pages will be the last uploads made.  After the 6 month period, they will stop paying for our Internet Server and the site will cease to exist.  This will give you or your kin time to download any relevant information you want.  Ask your kids / grandkids to covert the html to usable format via MS Word or Acrobat.

Last comment:  It has been a hoot following everyone over the years.  I didn't expect the sadness and fun when we started - The sadness and sometimes tears came whenever I had to ask Bill to physically move an Active Classmate to the Deceased Classmate page.  It has been quite a journey!  I don't know of another 86-year old that has been as blessed as I have been.

Kay <><

*The "alive" figure of 22 is suspect as the number is only as accurate as the input from classmates - I must admit that not all of your were Rhodes Scholars in keeping me posted.

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