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I just wanted to bring you up to date since I last wrote.  I was unable to make it to the reunion in August and a couple of weeks later Gus Cook wrote to me and we began exchanging weekly, then daily, emails.  We found we had so many things in common and we began writing several times a day.  He visited me in Manassas, VA and then I visited him in Acworth, GA and then we drove to Lawrenceburg, IN for a short visit right before Christmas.  After meeting all 5 of his sons and all but one of my five sons we decided to get married.  We were married January 17, 2003, here in GA (we eloped) and are living here in Acworth, Ga.  Between us we have 10 sons, 8 daughter-in-laws and 16 grandchildren and I have never been so happy.  He is the dearest person I have ever known.  He is certainly worth waiting 50 years for.......Carole Metz Grand Cook

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